Discovering the Solar System with Youghal Astronomy Club

by Denise FitzGerald

Kieran Moore, Marion Stapel Secretary, Anna Staple President Jnr SectionYoughal Astronomy Club, pictured with Ikki Keane and Marian O'Halloran, Youghal Library

It was full house at Youghal Library on Thursday last when upwards of fifty people arrived for the excellently presented talk by Eddy Lyons on the fascinating topic Discovering the Solar System.   The historical perspective on our home in the Universe was covered by Eddy in an easy, informal manner, and included a slide show of such amazing artefacts as a 7th century clay tablet and markings on tree barks which were more than 40,000 years old!  You could hear a pin drop as details of  Planets such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, the Moon, Sun, Juno, Vesta and  Edmund Halley 1656-1742, for whom there is a Comet named "and which", Eddy said, "will return again in 44 years from now!"

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