Dog Foul Discarded in Graveyard

By Seamus Whelehan


A man has hit out at the level of disrespect shown by pet owners who have left bags of dog poo hanging from trees, just feet from relative’s graves, at an East Cork Cemetery.
Dozens of bags of excrement were discovered by Charlie Moore as he tended to his mother’s final resting place at the Holy Rosary Cemetery last Friday.
The Aishlin Road resident has been left angry and upset that irresponsible dog owners would dispose of their pets mess in this way.
Yesterday (Wednesday 12 June) just days after 30 bags of excrement were removed from the Midleton cemetery, dog waste is beginning to pile up again.
Mr Moore said he couldn’t understand how someone can go to the effort to bring a dog poo bag out with them, even pick up the mess which their dog has made, and then throw it into trees, when there is a receptacle for it close by.
“There’s a skip at the end of the Church into which they could have thrown the dog poo, and a refuse bin outside the graveyard.”
“95% of dog owners are grand- it’s just the 5%.”
The Catholic Church was asked for a comment, but failed to provide one.
It is expected, however, that an announcement will be made at all Masses this weekend regarding the ongoing situation at the Holy Rosary Cemetery.
Midleton based Cllr Susan McCarthy said she was “absolutely disgusted” and “horrified” with the news that people are blatantly disposing of waste in this way, when there are bins available to them.
The Fine Gael Cllr said that picking up after your pet and leaving it in a bag is ten times more damaging to the environment than actually leaving the waste.
She said while it’s a public health and safety issue, it is also a visual eyesore and is disrespectful to those who have gone before us.

Dog foul bags begin to fill up two days after 30 bags of waste has been removed from Holy Rosary Grave Yard