East Cork Based Sile Walsh Welcomes Book on Looking After Yourself


Sile Walsh Cork based Coach refuses to believe that it is selfish to look after yourself, and believes that it's selfish not too! She wrote the book about it!

"It's selfish to look after myself" is a statement Sile Walsh Cork based coach hears far too often when working with those who experience Co-dependency. In her new book 'Co-Dependency An Authentic Journey' her second in the book series Sile works towards supporting people in seeing how co-dependency may be experienced in their own life and how to move towards recovery, by engaging in a number of practical practices.

Sile has experienced co-dependency personally, second with loved ones who are co-dependent and directly in her private coaching practice with clients. Through the book she uncovers some commonalties she observed and shares effective strategies for breaking free of the limiting relationship practice that co-dependents experience.

Sile says " most people hear about co-dependency when someone they care about seeks support for addiction or mental ill health. Its often uncovered or labelled during a crisis or challenge, however the crisis or challenge is usually the opportunity to highlight it, rather than the cause of it. Which means it is affecting people, who haven't even identified what it is and have no idea what to do with it" Sile goes on to explain that because co-dependency is often highlighted in crisis that many of the business leaders she worked with were unaware that the limitations they were experiencing were actually related to co-dependency.

Sile goes on to share how the understanding of co-dependency and being kind or loving is blurred as most people want to help others. However she summed it up as " Co-dependency is when we put others needs, over our own at a direct cost to us, as our usual or common way of doing things" With society becoming more aware of mental health, Sile believes we need to look at how we manage ourselves, feelings, challenges and relationships not just during difficult times but during good times.

Sile’s motto on her website is “Be Your Best Self” and she has been facilitating change in individuals and organisations for over 6 years within Cork and internationally. Sile holds qualifications in coaching psychology and is currently undergoing her MSc in personal and management coaching from UCC , hoping that her experience of working with co-dependency with peple from a broad range of backgrounds will support a change in culture. “One that supports interdependence more effectively, so people, couples and families can thrive rather than get caught in the co-dependent dynamics”

Co-Dependency An Authentic Journey will be available from Amazon by December 13th with an on-line live launch this coming January for her international based readership. Not forgetting her roots though; she will officially launch it locally in Cork towards the end January 2018 details! There are plans for 2018 to facilitate private workshops for employees impacted by co-dependency within their organizational roles. For more details on the launches and workshops sign up for her newsletter on www.silewalsh.com