East Cork Start Ups And Tourism Given Free Expansion Opportunities In USA

By Seamus Whelehan


Boston USA and Cork County Council have concluded a new and wide ranging trade deal aimed at helping East Cork start-up firms dreaming of expanding their business on an international scale.
The new deal signed with the City of Quincy also looks to promote the business, education and tourism links between the regions.
Through the establishment of a ‘touch down’ office in Cork and Boston, firms on both sides of the Atlantic are given the opportunity to sell their products and services in a broader market.
The hot desk spaces will be equipped with free Wi-Fi, telephone, multimedia meeting and conference rooms and printing facilities.
Chief Executive for Cork County Council Tim Lucey said with Norwegian Air here for the long haul, offering 3 flights a week between Cork and Providence, further enhances connections between both locations, Quincy is just one hour outside providence.
“The success of the transatlantic route between Cork and Providence indicates the continued strengthening of the business and tourism relationship with Massachusetts and we wanted to ensure that our companies have a strong ecosystem in which to land and flourish. We’re also delighted to facilitate companies from the US who are looking for opportunities in Ireland and the wider European market and we are confident that they will find willing partners in the business community in Cork.”
Mayor of the City of Quincy, Tom Koch, added, the agreement offered companies chances to explore global opportunities on a risk free basis.
He said the programme “will certainly drive innovation in both locations. We have a world leading global cluster for pharma, biotech and med-tech companies here in Boston and we are happy to use this touchdown space to introduce our Irish partners to this unique community but also offering our US companies a means of accessing the growing their footprint in Europe”