East Cork Teen Donates Birthday Money to Animal Welfare


Ian Vitali celebrated his thirteenth birthday by making a generous donation to DAWG, a network of volunteers who take care of abandoned, abused and ill-treated canines.

Rather than receiving gifts this year Ian requested his friends to bring a donation of money for the Animal Welfare Charity.   His Dad, Fabrizio, said he was very proud of his son’s generosity and thoughtfulness.  “It was wonderful to see the boost which it gave to his self-esteem by doing something good.”

“Maybe it’s something other young kids could do for their own birthday parties, rather than receive something that’s made of plastic with the novelty wearing off of in a couple of days.”   The young schoolboy was inspired to donate every penny of his birthday money to the Charity after seeing what the organisation do.  The animal lover is already the owner of a pig, chickens, a Shetland pony and two dogs who were all rescued.

Last Monday the first year student from Ashton College made a donation of €250 to the DAWG shelter at their charity shop on Main Street Midleton.   Martina Kirby from Midleton Dog Action Welfare Group, said they were “stunned” with the teenager’s generosity and selflessness. “If we had a few more like Ian we would be flying.   It’s money we really need.  We are dying on our feet as we are haemorrhaging money with the amount of cruelty at the moment.” she said.  DAWG rehabilitates and rehomes neglected and abused dogs in need, and the service serves the community by providing an adoption and fostering service, including an emergency response service.

Foster carers are required at the moment, as the organisation is taking in up to 200 dogs a week. Monthly costs are running at upwards of €25,000.  Fostering allows pet lovers the flexibility to care for the animal on a short term emergency basis.   DAWG will provide the veterinary cost, food and support. To learn more check out www.dogactionwelfaregroup.ie or call the adoption line on 083-171-4307.

To support the local charity, 2019 calendars are available from the charity shop on Main Street Midleton near Coppingers.   Charity Christmas Cards are also available in packets of 6 for €5, with a monster raffle running between now and December 27 including €2,000 in prizes.