East Cork’s Emigrants and their Involvement in Major conflicts

By Tony Harpur


A historic talk on East Cork’s involvement in the American Civil War, Spanish- American War and First World Wars will take place in Midleton Library on Saturday, 27 July.

While the stories of locals who served in the British Army during the First World War are becoming increasingly well known, we know less about the East Cork emigrants who ended up in the American military in the Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries. This talk will look at a number of these men, covering conflicts such as the American Civil War, Spanish-American War and the First World War. Their stories are many and varied - ranging from men like John Joseph Coppinger who became Midleton's most successful emigrant soldier, to men like his fellow Midleton man, Joseph Meade, whose journey ended with death in a Confederate prisoner of war camp. The talk will cover US sailors from Main Street and Ballycotton, and US Marines from Cork Road, and will examine those who made it home, including one local man who left his leg on one of the most famous battlefields of the American Civil War.