Donators Veira and Daniel O Conner with East Ferry Rowing Club members Eileen Triggs, Kate Deady , Kate and Rose O Driscoll, Teana Hennessy and Mr Benny Deady.

The East Ferry Rowing Club held a collection for the Helping Hands Homeless Action Group on Saturday, 17 December and Sunday, 18 December.

It was met with a great response by the public the club were collecting at East Ferry Pier.

Kate Deady, Secretary of East Ferry Rowing Club said: “We had a great turnout over the two days…We were delighted with it. We brought a van load of food and clothes up to them and that will be a great help.”

Sleeping bags, track suit pants, runners and shoes, hats, gloves, coats, jacket, hoodies, foil blankets, hoodies, socks, tinned food, hot cup soup, bottled water, torches were all collected and will go to help the homeless across Cork.

East Ferry Rowing Club this year chose the Helping Hands Homeless Action Group as their charity because they saw this was a large issue across the county.

Mrs Deady: “We really became aware of the problem recently when we saw there was so many people sharing things of Facebook. There is a lot of different charities in Cork that work with the homeless and it is something that can happen to anyone.”

The group will also be carrying out soup runs across the city in January, with members from 17 years and up permitted to get involved.

Helping Hands Homeless Action Group is based in Cork and aims to help those in risk of homelessness or who are currently living homeless.