East Ferry Rowing Club Soup Run in Aid of Helping Hands Homeless Action Group

By Leah Ring


The East Ferry Rowing Club will travel to Cork city on Friday, 13 January to support the homeless.

With the Helping Hands Homeless Action Group, the club will be handing out hot food, sandwiches and soups in the city.

The event is open to any members of the group over the age of 16 and the group will meet at 9pm.

Underage members will leave the city by 11pm, while others will stay to distribute food.

Kate Deady, Secretary of East Ferry Rowing Club said: ““We will be taking some of the younger members as well. It will be for anyone over the age of seventeen because we feel it will be very beneficial for the younger members to see the issues we have at the moment.”

All those involved in the East Ferry Rowing Club had noticed a significant increase in homelessness across Cork and felt they should get involved.

Mrs Deady said: “We really became aware of the problem recently when we saw there was so many people sharing things of Facebook.”

The group are asking members of the public who would like to donate soups, sandwiches or other food items to contact them via their Facebook page.

 “Over Christmas a lot of charities have too many volunteers and it is in January when they really need them,” Mrs Deady explained.

Helping Hands Homeless Action Group is based at 10 George's Quay, Cork and aims to help those in risk of homelessness or who are currently living homeless.

The group is not for profit and provide legal, emotional and practical supports to individuals at risk of or in a situation of homelessness.

They also lobby and advocate for an end to homelessness through legislative changes and raising public awareness.