Exciting Times For Kinsalebeg Actor Emmet Kelly

By Jordan McCarthy


Emmet Kelly’s career continues to gather momentum and he is gearing up for a busy 2018. The Kinsalebeg native has seen his ‘Lost Memories’ production already collect several prestigious awards – and there could be more to come in the months ahead.
The film, which was written by Emmet, who also plays a lead role in the movie, was well-received in 2017, most notably at the Discover Film Awards in London and the Richard Harris International Film Festival in Ireland. Just recently, Emmet was awarded the Best Actor Award, for his prominent part in Lost Memories, at the Eindhoven Film Festival, in December.
The movie was made by Emmet, along with Eamonn Murphy, under the banner of Burning House Productions, and it was produced by Army of Id. It tells the story of Sean, who ‘races against the clock to his mother's deathbed whilst dealing with inter-family politics over the phone.’ On receiving the awards, Emmet was understandably delighted. He believes that the accolades have accelerated his career.
Speaking to the East Cork Journal, Emmet said; ‘‘it all exploded last year. We actually beat Danny DeVito, who was nominated in the same category (in London). That was pretty good, though it’s a very weird accomplishment!
‘‘Straight-off, (the awards) mean that you are getting more work – and higher quality work. You appear on the radar of a lot of casting directors. I’ve just finished three episodes on Fair City – which came about as a result of the Richard Harris International Film Festival. Someone there had seen the film and just thought that I’d be right for the show.’’
Lost Memories was shot in a car – which Emmet admits was ‘a pain’. But, the crew, the cast and the producers ensured that the film was a resounding success. As for 2018, Emmet has lots to look forward to, with several new projects set to come to fruition.
‘‘We are about to get our first feature film into production in the summer. I have a couple of short films and some work I’ve done last year is coming out this year – small roles in feature films and short films, stuff like that, as well. I’m auditioning nearly every week at this stage. Eamonn and I have also co-produced a TV pilot called ‘A Very Irish Family’, that’s coming out in 2018. That’s about World War One and the War of Independence.’’

Emmet developed an interest in the arts at a young age. Although he felt that making a living in the sector would be difficult, if not impossible, he has certainly quashed any doubts about whether he made the right decision, to pursue his dreams, over this past year.
‘‘I was always scribbling, since I was a kid. I didn’t get into acting until a couple of years later. It was something I always wanted to do. But, it was never said to us in school that it was a possibility (to make a career out of acting). I went to study drama in London and in Dublin and I now know two or three others from the Youghal area who are working in acting in Dublin,’’ he explained.