Fears Over Ambulance Delays in Killeagh Road Works

By Seamus Whelehan


The unavoidable village enhancement works on the N25, in Killeagh village has sparked significant concern about the impact on patients, with fears ambulance response times could almost double in the most serious of emergencies.

East Cork Municipality Chairwoman Mary Linehan Foley pleaded for immediate protocols to be put in place between Transport Infrastructure Ireland and the HSE when it came to life threatening situations.

She told the Southern Committee Meeting on Monday 20 February, while she welcomed the much awaited improvement works, she had issues with the main arterial road through East Cork.

“I was on my way to County Hall last week, when an ambulance came. Traffic was half a kilometre back towards the Youghal side of Killeagh. There was nowhere for the ambulance.

I would imagine on the day I was there it would have been a life or death situation.”

Due to the geography of the area there were no alternate routes the ambulance could take, the Youghal based Councillor told the sitting.

“Trucks and traffic were coming from the Cork side. By the time the ambulance came up from burgess cross there was nowhere for it to go. I’m just afraid something is going to happen in a life or death situation there.”

Paramedics are expected to respond to life threatening or potentially life threatening call outs within 8 minutes, 80 percent of the time.

Director of Roads Tom Stritch said he would make arrangements to ensure that emergency services can respond to call outs during the road works.

The works are expected to be continue until May.