Fill Your Boots With Cake And Coffee

By Seamus Whelehan Photos by Rory O’Toole


Boots Midleton got their cups out last Friday 11 October in aid of Breast Cancer Ireland.
The pharmacy on main street Midleton, brewed up a storm to raise funds for vital services to support people with the disease.
According to the Irish Cancer society breast cancer is now the second most common cancer in Ireland with over 3,000 women receiving a diagnoses annually.

While Breast cancer is seen by many, as a woman’s disease, although very rare, the condition is still a potential risk for men.

According to there is a 1 in 883 chance of men in Ireland getting breast cancer in their lifetime, with 1 in 10 women reviving the same diagnosis.
In 2020 over 2,600 men are likely to be detected with the cancer