Flag Raising At Whitegate National School


Tuesday September was an exciting day for Whitegate NS as Margaret Crowley from the HSE Health Promoting School's Division came to present the children with their Flag for all the work they do towards being a Healthy School.

The children, under the direction of teacher Ms Laura Hyde have been working hard for the last few years implementing various health initiatives. These ranged from Healthy Lunches, the Smart Moves Programme and The Move Well Move Often Programme.

This month the children have adopted a Getting Back to Nature Playtime, where using their imagination outdoors was to the forefront. The children created "dens" on the field, including cooking pits/makeshift fire pits/ seating areas etc. The children play happily in these areas every lunch.

Principal Catherine Terry commented, It is so refreshing to see children of all ages outdoors having fun, using their imagination and using the environment- Lunchtime in Whitegate  NS has become a hive of activity"

This flag closely follows the Active Flag which the school achieved last June. Health Promotion is really very evident in Whitegate NS. 21

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