Flawed FG policy Will cost Cork households – O’Sullivan


- Increase in LPT will result in bigger bills for homeowners –


Fianna Fáil Bye Election candidate for Cork North Central Cllr. Padraig O’Sullivan has slammed Cork County Council’s decision to increase the Local Property Tax.  Fianna Fáil Councillors voted against any increase and proposed finding savings through other measures.

Cllr. O’Sullivan said, “I believe the decision made at this week’s Council meeting was the wrong one and will result in thousands of households paying out even more in taxes, at a time when many families are already squeezed.  Heaping increased bills on struggling families is deeply unfair and should have been avoided.

“There is no doubt that savings could have been made elsewhere.  There is duplication of services across some departments in Cork County Council, and savings in this area, and others could have been explored instead of penalising homeowners.

“I understand that this isn’t an easy decision to make but I think we should have looked at where else savings could’ve been made before voting to increase the LPT.  Cork County Council has a budget of over €300m and we only need to find savings of between €2-3m.  This could have been secured through means other than increasing the property tax.

“We are also still waiting to find out the exact compensation package that Cork County Council is due to receive as a result of boundary changes – this could also have alleviated the potential budget shortfall rather than shifting the responsibility on to households.

“The timing of this decision is bizarre.  The entire LPT system is due to be reviewed, and homeowners are already worried about hikes in their bills once their homes have been revalued.  Now households across Cork are to receive bigger bills in advance of this review.  They face being hit on the double.  This is a regressive and unfair move which will penalise families across the county”, concluded Cllr. O’Sullivan.