Focus Programme Midleton


The Focus programme in Midleton, Co Cork is a community based wellness training programme delivered by the National Learning Network (NLN). The programme is based in Rosary Place, beside St Mary’s High School. The programme is free, learners retain their current payments and a weekly training bonus applies.

The 2006 ‘A Vision for Change’ HSE strategy document set out the future for Mental Health Services in Ireland. The key conclusion of the Vision for Change strategy was that there were shortcomings in mental health services in Ireland. It states that there has been an overreliance on medication for the treatment of mental health problems (Department of Health and Children, 2006).The report states that the most likely cause of this reliance on the medical model is the lack of alternative mental health services/programmes in the community

With this in mind, NLN, together with the HSE Mental Health Services in Cork, developed a program for people who have had a mental health setback, but were looking to get back on their feet. The programme provides the opportunity to spend a year refreshing the necessary life skills to re-enter the workplace, attain academic skills and achieve a general sense of well-being.

Our students are empowered, valued and supported in their very own recovery process by the structure of the Focus programme itself and by Person Centered trained staff. Students will then nourish and grow their sense of hope and control about their future.

The Focus programme provides our learners with the opportunity for social inclusion and to take on meaningful and satisfying roles in local community life. The Focus programme has a strength based approach, highlighting the students’ abilities, skills and potential.

The Focus programme provides the building blocks for emotional, psychological and social wellness. These are outcomes that can be sustained after the programme and throughout a person’s life.

Instructors, work individually with learners to assist them in developing their action plans and achieve their goals. They customise individual supports built around the learners’ planned progression and their existing support within the community. Short term in house psychological support is available on a weekly basis to support learners in training.

To find out more please call into us during our Open Day in Rosary Place between 10 am and 4 pm on Wednesday 22 May or call 087 9177811 between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Thursday and 9 am to 3.30 pm on Fridays.