Former Midleton Town Mayor Urges Councillors to Tap Into €2 Million Ring Fenced to Enhance the Town

By Seamus Whelehan

Midleton Main Street where €2million has been set aside for enhancement

A former Mayor of Midleton has urged East Cork Municipality Councillors to focus on the job they were elected to do.
Niall O’Neil who spent over a decade on the Midleton Town Council has called on the boroughs’ representatives to take greater responsibility on how they use council meetings.
The ex Fianna Fáil Councillor said “Local issues are not being dealt with, there is zero happening.” I was a town councillor for 10 years and it’s not an easy job. They are talking about national issues they have no input into, like the building of social housing.”
A frustrated Mr O’Neill argued that Midleton town centre was condemned to a slow decline unless something is done.

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