Fota Wildlife Park and Eagle AC announce Thursday 18 May as the Race Date, Registration will open on 3 May


The annual Cheetah Run, held at Fota Wildlife Park, has been launched this week by County Cork Paralympian medallist and discus record holder, Niamh McCarthy. The Cheetah Run, a race run over 5 kilometres for adults and now also a one-mile race for younger runners, will take place on Thursday 18 May and online registration through the Eagle Athletic Club website will open on the 3 May. Any proceeds to Fota Wildlife Park, a non-profit organisation, made from the race will be donated to conservation projects such as re-introduction programmes for White-tailed eagle to the Golan Heights in the Middle East and European Bison to Poland and Romania.
The Cheetah Run is one of the most popular and unique races in Ireland which starts and finishes in the Wildlife Park giving runners a chance to run past the Giraffes, Asian Lions, Sumatran Tigers and of course Cheetahs, the race also passes the historic Fota House and Gardens.
Sean McKeown, Director of Fota Wildlife Park said: “The Park is delighted to host the annual Cheetah Run again this year. Thanks to the funding we raise each year from the race we have been able to contribute to many conservation projects like the re-introduction programmes for White-tailed eagle. In fact, an eagle from Fota Wildlife Park was released to the Golan Heights in 2013 and subsequently bred there last year.”

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