Principal Edward Gash, Deputy Principal Kevin Stanley and Maura Lee West pictured with special guests including Bishop Colton during Midleton College’s Founder’s Day.

Midleton College celebrated Founder’s Day at its campus this past Monday, 23 October.
Founder’s Day was held by Midleton College as an opportunity to acknowledge three important events in the life, including past, present and future, of the post-primary school.
Approximately 40 invited guests were treated to a reception with refreshments and finger food at the library. Principal of Midleton College, Dr Edward Gash, delivered a short speech outlining the trio of events the day was celebrating. Principal Gash also briefly outlined 300 years the college’s history, stemming back to its founding by Elizabeth Villiers in 1696 and when it first opened its doors to students in 1717.
After the speech, all guests and staff in attendance walked to the recently resurfaced hockey pitch on the school premises, which was officially opened by Mrs Kay Cairns. Mrs Cairns’ husband Brian, who passed away 2006, was headmaster at Midleton College from 1981-2003. The rededicated hockey pitch was immediately used by the school’s hockey teams and will continue to be utilised as time goes on.
With this month’s confirmation of phase 1 of a new sports complex at Midleton College, the beginning of development was officially begun by Ms Maura Lee West who turned the first sod. Ms Lee West’s husband Trevor West became Governor of Midleton College in 1974 and served in that role for 36 years.
The Trevor West Sports Complex, with its development now underway, will see the construction of a sports hall, lobby, storage and foundations for changing rooms as part of phase 1.