Great Island Community Forum Running Public Survey on Possible Bus Service

By Alan Sheehan


The Great Island Community Forum are requesting help from residents of Cobh and the island itself in assessing the feasibility of introducing a bus service for two days a week.
The potential service would be operated by Local Link and serve both the town of Cobh and locations on the island and would accept Free Travel Passes.
“The late [Independent Councillor] Claire Cullinane started this,” said Gerry Moore, member of Great Island Community Forum. “She was a member of the Forum. She was in discussion with Local Link when she passed. We resurrected the idea, following up on her initiative. We hope to get enough submissions to justify a trial for four to six months. If the trial is successful we will keep it in place and if not we won’t.”
The Great Island Community Forum would like interested residents to answer a series of survey questions in order to determine if offering such a service would be feasible. Said questions include where individuals would like the service to depart from and travel to, which days would be most preferable for it run, which departure and return times would be most suitable, and if the resident in question requires wheelchair access or has any mobility impairments.

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