Greywood Arts is hosting its first monthly Art Share event this evening, Thursday, 5 October.
The multi-disciplinary artists’ residency on Main Street, Killeagh will hold this informal meeting of artists from around East Cork from 7-9pm. The free event intends to provide an opportunity for makes of visual, performing, written, and musical arts to engage with one another.
“This art share came out of listening to artists in the area talking about how they don’t want to be isolated,” said Jessica Bonenfant Coogan, one of Greywood Arts two proprietors along with her husband Hughie Coogan. “We want to offer a place for them to come together informally. Any art form is welcome – performance art, visual art, painting, writing, etc. Any kind of creativity is welcome.”
The Art Share has two more tentative dates set, the next event coming on Thursday, 9 November and one following that on Thursday, 7 December. The intention for the events is to create a regular meet up between arts to encourage discussions about their practices, processes and the challenges they are facing, as well as getting feedback from other artists. Speakers, demonstrations and those who are willing to offer hands-on skill sharing are invited.
“We are hoping for it to become a monthly thing,” said Ms Bonenfant Coogan. “We are starting it informally – just as a meet-up – but if there is a demand for guest speakers or demonstrations we will then see about getting in people.”
Greywood Arts, which opened at the start of July, is a guesthouse for artists where they can stay in self-catering accommodation with access to workspace. It houses a visual arts studio, a movement studio with a vaulted ceiling, a writer’s desk overlooking the Dissour River, and a library with a piano.