Group Formed for Ambitious Plans to Unlock Harbour Row Potential

Sara O'Connor, Angela O'Halloran,with Casey and Charmaine Lewis members of the Harbour Row Residents and Business Community Association

A group of frustrated residents are joining forces with Cork County Council to breathe new life back into a street near Cobh Town Centre.    The campaigners came together after raising concerns on social media about empty shops, and the cleanliness of Harbour Row.

Just a few days after creating their online presence, more than 60 people have joined the group. After reaching tipping point, and fed up of illegal dumping and dog fouling, the Harbour Row Residents and Business Association yesterday held their first formal meeting with Cork County Council to breathe new life into the “forgotten” street.   The Group, headed by resident Angela O’Halloran and Sarah O’Connor, a business owner on Harbour Row, said the meeting with Council was a positive one.   “It’s just a forgotten street, it’s got great potential with beautiful views” they said.

Following the meeting, the Municipality will be drawing up a Plan to help residents and traders to renew their property.  Under a scheme agreed with Cllrs on Wednesday 31 October, the Local Authority will also assist in tidying up problem areas and help commercial and residential property owners spruce up their building through a Council supported paint scheme.

“There is going to be a deep clean of the street.  They are going to unblock the drains and it’s the first step of breathing life back into this forgotten street” commented Mrs O’Connor.

“When visitors come to Cobh Town Centre they see the magnificent buildings we have, but when they get to Harbour Row they see the litter and dog foul.”

The issue of fly-tipping has become so extensive that the Council is looking at ways of identifying those behind the indiscriminate dumping near the Preachers steps.

Mrs O’Connor said the entire street is behind the plan to improve the appearance of the street to give a real boost to the area, attract in new business, and increase visitor numbers.