Highway Robbery as Road Signs Across East Cork are Stolen

By Seamus Whelehan


Drivers navigating their way around coastal areas of East Cork this summer may find their journey times increased, as officials are reporting an upsurge in the theft of road signs.
The theft of multiple street signage from the coastal area south of Cloyne over to Ballycotton is putting lives in danger, the Local Authority has warned.
Thousands of Euro in directional and warning signs have gone missing in the past few weeks, with the Municipal District fearing that the disappearing signage is being taken as souvenirs.
They said they are aware of a number of finger post signs on the road between Gyleen and Ballycotton which are missing.
A spokesperson for the Council said the theft of road signage has become a very strong trend, with the Local Authority already paying out thousands of tax payer’s money replacing the signage.
They said they have “recently undertaken 2 large signage projects in the East Cork Municipal District and, as such, the budget for new signage is extremely limited.”
However, photographs sent to the East Cork Journal by Charlie Moore raise the prospect that statutory warning signs such as Stop and Yield Right of Way, have also been removed.
Stealing road signs might seem like a harmless prank, but it could cost lives and a Council spokesperson said the taking of safety signs is particularly serious.
They said they have placed the finger post replacements on a work list proposed for 2020, when they will have the funds to complete these works.”
The Municipal District said “the locations reported by the East Cork Journal will be inspected in the coming days, and reported to An Garda Síochána for investigation if there seems to be a case of malicious removal of road safety signage.
They said “where statutory signage or road warning signs are found to be missing, these will be replaced as a matter of priority.”
Anyone with information regarding the missing signage is asked to contact the East Cork Municipal District.