Hollywood Glamour in 5 easy steps

by Debby Hayes


What if I told you that you could get the most elegant, classic makeup look of all time with just four products and a few minutes?

These days it seems like the beauty industry is always buzzing with info about how to contour your face or blend five different eyeshadow shades together or use every single product in your arsenal to create the perfect ‘nomakeup-makeup-look.’ And while all those techniques are wonderful and look fantastic, I find myself missing the simplicity of the way beauty used to be done: Just a few high quality products, a look you can put together in a matter of minutes and an application that even the most clumsy-handed lady can master.

A look that requires very few products and very little skill. It works for day or night (but better for night) and it looks sophisticated as hell.

Nail the Hollywood vintage Glamour look in 5 easy steps!

First step: Conceal. If you’re prone to dark under eye circles, cover them.  The thing that really makes this look work is the fact that it rests on a very clean, even canvas. If you can’t skip foundation, slick that on at this point as well. If you’re comfortable going barefaced, though, this look works beautifully with just concealer to lighten up the area under your eyes.

Second step: The cat eye. I’ve always been a smudged-liner girl. I loved the look of a really messy, imprecise ring of color around my eyes – until I discovered the one product that makes the neat, clean cat eye look easier than ever. I simply take a liquid liner and drag it along my upper lash line, winging it upwards at the outer corner. This is the perfect compliment to this Old Hollywood glamour look because it’s just so classic.

Third step: Add some drama. There’s no better way to make your eyes stand out than by applying a few coats of mascara. I like to curl my lashes first, then add a few coats to both my upper and lower lashes. You can stop after this step if you want a more natural look because when your eyes look this defined, your entire face looks amazing.

Fourth step: Add some colour. Not exactly a newsflash, but there’s nothing that really tops off an Old Hollywood-inspired makeup look like some red lipstick. A matte finish works best when you’re really trying to be all ‘Old Hollywood’ but if you’re more of a glossy girl, by all means, wear a shiny red.

Fifth step: Curl it up (optional): If you want to really create a look that’s reminiscent of a movie star, try curling your hair with hot rollers. They’re quick, easy and create a more natural look than a curling iron does. Leave them in until they’ve cooled and then unwind and voila – you have that perfect, timeless movie star glamour.