Killeagh GAA in association with Youghal community Health Project and Cobh GAA club, have joined forces with the HSE Primary Care Psychology service in an effort to beat stress.
Life's ups and downs, financial pressures, relationship break ups are all natural stresses.
Some people will overcome these stresses through help from peers. Other people don't as they feel they don't want to be a burden.
When these stresses are prolonged this is when there's an issue.
The joint initiative entitled Cork Beats Stress, a 6 week programme is designed to help people protect themselves by pointing out the signs and symptoms of stress.
The course will run for 6 consecutive Thursday mornings from 21 September from 10:30am – 12:00pm in Cobh GAA, Carrignafoy and the Mall Art Centre Youghal.
Dr. Jennifer Hayes, Principal Psychologist, Primary Care Cork North Lee told the East Cork Journal “1 in 5 people have a significant problem with stress. This course is free and is open to everybody, including non GAA members who are currently experiencing stress or interested in learning how to manage stress better and therefore improve their quality of life”.
The Cork Beats Stress initiative is being run in association with the GAA Healthy Club Initiative in an effort to boost access to comprehensive Primary Health Care.
Dr. Hayes added "Primary Care Health Centres provide services to people on a one to one basis. We find it hard to attract men to the service. All walks of life take part in the GAA. Running this initiative with them has helped us break down barriers and get into the fabric of the community. "
“To date over 1,200 people have completed this course in one of numerous locations across Cork County and City. The results have been exceptionally positive and show that those who attend leave with an improved understanding of stress, the skills to manage stress more effectively and an improved quality of life. Stress is a normal part of the human condition and is unavoidable. However, when you are in the grips of stress it feels rotten and can have a big impact on your life. The good news is that everyone can learn the skills needed to manage stress in your life and the Stress Control Courses teach just that.”
For further information telephone 086-7871016 or email
Top tips for tackling stress
1. Sign up to do the FREE Stress Control Course by emailing or calling 0867871016 today! Stress control will teach you the skills to manage stressful thinking, to reduce the symptoms of stress in your body, to improve your sleep, to improve your mood and to deal with problems head on!
2. Take care of your body. Make sure you are getting some exercise each day and that you are eating healthily. Try to reduce the amount of tea, coffee, alcohol and high energy, sugary drinks that you have
3. Connect with other people. Catch up with old friends or work colleagues, preferably face to face or by phone or e-mail if that’s not possible
4. Notice what you say to yourself. Are you very self-critical? Do you focus on the future or the past? Do you always predict that things will go wrong? One very helpful question to overcome stressful thoughts is to ask yourself what you would say to a friend in your situation. We are often much kinder and fairer to other people that we are to ourselves
5. Take some time each day to relax and rest. Even a few quiet minuets can make a real difference. Try not to use your phone, laptop or TV at this time. Modern life is very busy and we have very little time to fully rest and recharge our batteries. Some people find meditation or breathing exercises very helpful
6. Get informed. Find out more about stress and ways to tackle it. Make sure the information that you seek out is of good quality. The Internet is a wonderful resource but it can give us inaccurate or unhelpful information. The HSE and Cork City and County libraries have set up a programme called Your Good Self programme to help direct the public to high quality and researched books and websites on mental health topics such as stress, parenting and self-esteem. The resources have been reviewed and recommended by HSE Psychologists and other health professionals. The resources are available in libraries across Cork and they provide excellent resources for all sorts of difficulties that people experience across all age groups. Please see the following link for more information on recommended resources for stress and for all sorts of challenges!