Cloyne Harriers Hunt Club will hold its first every Hound and Dog Show this month on Sunday, 16 July.
The Hound and Dog Show will begin from 12pm at Cloyne Village and offers multiple different classes across four broad categories, with everybody welcome to participate or attend.
“It should be good fun,” said Marie Smiddy of Cloyne Harriers Hunt Club. “We are holding it in Cloyne village and we will have classes for hounds and lurchers and classes for dogs and pets. It is open to everyone and people can enter on the day. We have four rings, three for the serious classes and one for the pet class, and we will have an intercom announcing so we can take the details at each ring before each class. It is €2 per class, per dog.”
The show will be held in Murphy’s field opposite the Old School in Cloyne. The proceeds from the day will go towards the event’s running costs, with anything left over going back into the Hunt Club.
“It is our first year running a hound show,” said Ms Smiddy, “but they are regular with other hunt clubs. Some of our own members were showing their hounds at shows for the last few years and got a bit of a kick out of it. It is just something to do on a Sunday. We don’t expect to make any money for the club. We just want to get this up and running as it is something good for the locality and the community.”
Hounds, lurchers, terriers and pets will be the four categories on the day, which will feature ten, 16, 14 and 11 classes respectively. There will also be pony rides at the event with plans for a bouncy castle. The event will be signposted from Lakeview roundabout at the N25 in Midleton.
Cloyne Harrier Hunt Club was founded in 1906, with Steve Cooke currently serving as Chairman and Feargul Culligan serving as Huntsman.
“We are a pure amateur club,” said Ms Smiddy. “We are non-profit so nobody gets paid and we survive on the goodwill of the community, the supporters and the landowners, such as the Murphy Family who are hosting this for us.”