Killeagh Scouts Facing Crisis and Need Help!

By Claire O’Donoghue


Killeagh Scouts are lacking - not enthusiastic young children eager to join - but parents to get involved and help with this long established tradition which enables children to have fun, learn life skills, make friends and promotes all the essential ideals of life, courtesy, respect, sharing, communication and so much more. However, with no decrease in member numbers, there is an increase in waiting lists due, simply, to a lack of volunteers to help this Youth Programme which benefits their own children so well. In particular the younger Beaver Scouts, aged 6-9, have been in danger of having some weekly meetings cancelled. Speaking with The East Cork Journal, Killeagh Scout Group Leader, Aidan Magner said, “With very short notice, we’ve had to decide if the Group could go ahead on certain weeks due to lack of mandated supervision requirements. The younger group, for example, must have an adult to child ratio of 1:4 at public events and 1:5 at our meetings. Plus, there is the ratio of male and female volunteer ratios for young boys to girls also for toileting etc. There is a real danger that the Beavers group will cease to exist unless parents step up and get involved”.
Aidan explained that parents have become active in the past when their child joins the group but as their child ages and transfers to the next group, the volunteering parent moves along too. The numbers of those getting involved with Leader training and volunteering at the entrant level has fallen away dramatically. “For the future of this young group”, said Aidan, “that simply has to change. We need mothers and fathers to join us and give some of their time to an organisation which their children will look back on with the same fond memories as generations before”.
Young adults attending college for teaching degrees, psychology degrees, and social care degrees, volunteering in the Scouts can be hugely beneficial, with many colleges awarding credits for it. It is also an impressive addition to any CV. “We arrange proper training and aid with Garda vetting”, said Aidan, “it’s such a rewarding experience both personally and professionally”. Some of the traits the group look for in new volunteers are:
•Ability to communicate and interact with young people
•Interest in the development of young people
•An understanding of acceptable boundaries in working with young people, including conversation, smoking, drugs and alcohol etc.
•Ability to work with other adults as part of a team
•A commitment to ongoing personal development and training
*Open and positive approach and attitude
•A belief in Scouting; it’s Aims, Method, Principles, Promise & Law
If you are willing to become a volunteer in Killeagh Scouts and help keep this wonderful, fun part of so many childhoods alive and thriving, please contact Killeagh Scouts by finding them on Facebook.