Life On The Spectrum At Midleton Library

By Seamus Whelehan

Young girl with Autism, with hands over ears

A new Photographic Exhibition giving the public an insight into how a person on the Autism Spectrum sees their environment, is coming to Midleton Library next month.

The Photographic Display by Stuart Nielson, a UCC academic who, at age 45, was diagnosed with Asperger’s, goes on show from Wednesday 6 November.

Stuart, a Health Statistician who lectures in Autistic spectrum, brings his show to the Library for four weeks.

Entitled ‘Creating Autism’ the project challenges what may represent the last great prejudice which we, as a society, must overcome.

Describing the UCC Lecturer as a “visionary”, Anne-Marie Kenneally Head Librarian said the photographic display “is a must see.”

“We can sometimes fear that which diverges from the norm, and sometimes that fear leads us to frame those who are different as being lesser that ourselves.”

“If you want to understand the challenges of a person with Autism or Asperger’s it is a must see exhibition. Not every person on the autism spectrum looks like they have autism, but they each experience life differently” she said.

“The small things can be big things for a person with complex needs, and Stuart depicts this by manipulating his photographs of which are normal everyday scenes to you and I” added Ms Kenneally.