Local Councillor Seeking Indoor Pool For Midleton

By Seamus Whelehan


Councillor Susan McCarthy believes there may be an appetite for an indoor pool in Midleton, and she’s setting out on a mission to find out.
The Midleton based councillor received the full backing of Cork County Council on Monday 8 May for a pre-feasibility study on the provision of public swimming pools in large urban areas across the County.
The Fine Gael Cllr told the Sitting with a number of revenue streams available, now was the time to look at developing a countywide public pool strategy for towns like Midleton.
According to the National Water Safety Council there are 140 deaths in Ireland annually due to drowning.
Cllr McCarthy said the authority’s aim should be at reducing this number by making swimming available to all.
“Midleton is between other urban centres that have swimming pools, but a 20 mile drive and all the extra transport costs that go with it do mean it becomes very exclusive for people to be able to swim and even prohibitive in some cases. This is something that should be available to everyone.”

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