Local Historians Publish Book on Midleton Memorial Wall

By Seamus Whelehan


A book which delves into the lives of hundreds of service personnel who lost their lives in the Great War 1914-1918, will be launched tomorrow, Friday 8 November.
The publication, said to correct a series of research errors etched in stone on the Midleton Memorial wall, will be showcased at Midleton Library at 7:00pm.
The piece is the work of Genealogist, Paul Busteed and Military Historian, Eugene Power and includes a selection of photographs of people from the district along with war graves in the area, as well as artwork by Killeagh based artist, Theresa Power.
Both men have been chipping away at the names on the Midleton War Memorial for the past twelve months. The pair say “if you assume that the location connected with the names on the wall are correct, one hundred and seven are incorrect and three have no forenames.”
Of two hundred names appearing on the structure, one hundred and ninety-nine war dead are commemorated, with one of the fallen named twice, both Mr Busteed and Power have claimed.
They say thirty-six listed personnel have no connection with East Cork. Two of them are from Mauritius, and three from the United States.
The book, a reference tool for amateur and professional historians, is based on extensive research in both Ireland and Britain including the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Cheltenham College, Birth Certificates, Baptismal records, Marriage Certificates and Census records.
The Fota House and Midleton College archives, as well as Midleton Library and Tourist Office, will hold a copy of the book.