Local Lady Ann Scriven raises €1,300 for Animal Rescue Cobh

By Alan Sheehan


A member of Animal Rescue Cobh raised €1,300 for the group during a novel fundraiser this past Saturday, 15 July.
Ann Scriven, of Animal Rescue Cobh, took on a ten-hour no talking, no eating and no sitting challenge at her place of work, Garvey’s Supervalu in Cobh, and successfully raised €1,300 for the animal welfare/rescue group.
“It wasn’t really too pre-planned,” said Ms Scriven. “It was just when they could fit me in, they could fit me in. I started at 8am and for the ten hours after that it was no sitting, no talking and no eating. I’d the clown wig on me too as well. The no talking bit, that was the toughest actually because I’m a chatterbox.”
Donations made by customers passing through the supermarket in those ten hours totalled at nearly a grand-and-a-half.
“The customers were brilliant,” said Ms Scriven. “All the customers who know me were fantastic. They were just popping it into the donation box next to me. They raised €1,296 on the day, and I threw in the €4 myself just to bring it up to the €1,300. It was amazing. The people were very, very good. They were all very generous.”
Ms Scriven held two previous such fundraisers, all based on a similar theme.
“Three years ago I did ‘The Silence of the Ann’,” she said, “which was just a pun on The Silence on the Lambs. The year after that I did a silence again but added in a fast for the duration. This year I added the no sitting rule, just to keep it a bit different. But I don’t know what I’m going to add next year.”
ARC was founded in January 2012 to act as a much-needed animal welfare/rescue group in Cobh town and as a voluntary group it relies on community support to continue to be effective in its work, which was not lacking last weekend.
“Because we’re a local group they all know the money is going where it is supposed to,” said Ms Scriven. “They know it is going exactly where we said it is and that our accounts and vets’ bills are open for everyone to see. At the moment we have 11 cats and kittens in our care. We are looking for homes for them in the next couple of weeks.”
ARC can be contacted via email at animalrescuecobh@gmail.com or messaged on Facebook at ARC – Animal Rescue Cobh.