Locals Fear Knockadoon Road Collapse

By Seamus Whelehan


The Ballymacoda Ladysbridge Community Council has called for safety experts to assess a public car park on the picturesque Knockadoon Peninsula, following a recent landslide.

John O’Brien, Community Council Environment Officer, says the parking area adjacent to the Knockadoon Camp is in danger of collapse after the area was undermined by a landslide.

Cracks have now started to appear in the car park boundary wall, just months after tonnes of earth slid from the cliff below.

Concerns have been heightened that Winter storms will destabilise further sections of the cliff face taking the public car park with it and cutting off access to the camp and Catholic Church.

The region is a big draw for tourists, with the iconic Dominican Youth Camp attracting up to 2,500 children each Summer.

The 8km coastal trail route is also an important part of the region’s economy.

The community, who are fearing the worst, want Cork County Council to stabilise the cliff face, as the East Cork coastline disappears.

Mr O’Brien said the community are increasingly anxious that something is done as soon as possible to protect the area.

He said that, following a recent Sunday Mass, a 6 year scaled the car park wall and was within metres of losing his life. “A fraction further and he would have fallen 40 feet to the strand below.”

Mr O’Brien added that any more heavy rains may hasten erosion and landslides, taking the exposed foundation of the car park with it, as the foundations have been compromised.

In a statement to the East Cork Journal, Cork County Council say they will arrange for an Engineer to inspect the area of concern, and will consider what measures may be required.