Mackey Coaches Pull Out All the Stops for Charity Drive

By Jordan McCarthy


Mackey Coaches held their Charity Drive in Midleton last Saturday, with proceeds from the day going to two Co Cork-based charities.
The East Cork business parked a limousine-style bus outside Wallis’ Bar on Midleton’s Main Street, where locals then made food, gift or financial donations, by dropping items and/or cash offerings inside the vehicle. The contributions were then passed on to two charitable organisations, in Cork Penny Dinners and Cork Simon Community.
Reflecting on last Saturday’s initiative, Cliona Mackey told the East Cork Journal; ‘‘It was good. People were very generous and every little helps. Both charities were most appreciative. I'd like to add, however, that it's not just at Christmas, when they need support. It is an ongoing challenge for both.
‘‘Mackey Coaches support both charities throughout the year. We did it last year also and we want to continue this. Those charities affect us all. Any one of us could find ourselves in a homeless situation, or without food to feed our families.
‘‘We are very conscious of being grateful for everything we have and of being mindful of others who need a helping hand. In working together, we can make a difference.’’
Should any members of the public wish to donate - now or going forward - to Cork Simon Community or Cork Penny Dinners, you can contact Cliona on 086 834 6756, to arrange collection of items, and subsequent transport of the goods, to the respective charities.