Meet Midleton’s Aida – Cork’s First Baby Of 2020

By Seamus Whelehan


Born at 12:22am on New Year’s Day, Aida Pinto rang in 2020 as the first baby to be born in Cork.
Weighing in at a healthy 2.96kg, she was born to parents Diana Rodrigues and Cyril Pinto from Midleton.
Aida, who is one of the first to be born in the Country this decade, is little sister to 7 year old big brother Aidan.
Diana, a General Nurse at the Mercy Cork University Hospital said “she is a very good baby. She’s eating and drinking ok and no whingeing.”
“Aidan (7) is very excited and thrilled with his new sister” said the new mom.
“All the attention we are getting is overwhelming” said Cyril, a Computer Engineer. “We are like celebrities” added Diana.
Due on the 5 January Aida is the second New Year’s baby to be born in Ireland.
The couple, who are originally from India, were beaten by only 10 minutes to the top spot.
Baby Victoria Setuke was born in the Rotunda to Patience Setuke and weighed 3.23kg, or just over seven pounds.