Members of East Ferry Rowing Club set for April charity row in aid of Marymount

By Alan Sheehan

Danny Scanlon, member of East Ferry Rowing Club, will row from Crosshaven to Cork City this April in aid of Marymount Hospice.

A member of the East Ferry Rowing Club will row singlehanded from Crosshaven to Cork City this April to raise money for charity.

To raise money for Marymount Hospice this year East Ferry Rowing Club’s Danny Scanlon will row a three-man curragh from Crosshaven to Cork City on 29 April.

“Danny will be rowing a three-man curragh from Crosshaven up to the city,” said Kate Deady, Secretary of the East Ferry Rowing Club. “He rows curraghs in Cork and he rows with us. This was something he really wanted to do so he just went for it. We’ll have our own boat rowing beside him on the day and there will be one other curragh coming from cork to row with him as well.”

A curragh, or a currach is an Irish boat with a wooden frame over which canvas is stretched and has traditionally been both a sea boat and a vessel for inland waters.

“I had an aunt who died last year from cancer,” said Danny Scanlon. “She was big into cycling and all that even at 56 years of age. She didn’t go to Marymount so I was originally going to do this for the CUH cancer ward, but they told me that it would be much better to do it for Marymount instead.”

East Ferry Rowing Club, which trains every Sunday at the pier in East Ferry, will also take part in a separate fundraiser for Pieta House on St Patrick’s Day.

“The club is taking part in an event on St Patrick’s Day at Passage West Rowing Club,” said Ms Deady. “Rose O’Driscoll and I will be taking part in a kind of relay on rowing machines for over-50s in aid of Pieta House. After the All-Irelands two of the rowing clubs unfortunately had a few suicides. Passage West lately have been doing a lot of fundraising for Pieta House and on St Patrick’s Day some of our members and members of Blackrock will be joining them for a world record attempt.”

Sponsorship cards for the charity row in April can be procured by contacting Danny Scanlon or the East Ferry Rowing Club. Mr Scanlon can be contacted at 086 268 0940.