Midleton CBS Boys Primary School Help Spread Christmas Cheer

By Seamus Whelehan

Students from Midleton CBS Primary pictured with some of the donations.

Thanks to Midleton CBS primary School, families who have struggled all year will have food on the table this Christmas.
Last Friday 15 December, the pupils handed over food they had collected throughout November and December to the St. Patrick’s conference, of Saint Vincent De Paul (SVP), Midleton.
The sizable donation will be made into special Christmas Hampers for families across East Cork.
Principal Mary Cunningham said for Midleton CBS Boys National School, their Christmas food appeal “is a way of sharing the joy of Christmas.”
Despite the recent economic news that the Irish Economy is continuing to grow and the level of unemployment set to plummet to 5%, SVP say the rising economic tide is leaving some working poor hungry and treading water.
Denis O’Shea from SVP told the students the food provided would make a “huge difference.”
“If you have very little, every little thing means a huge difference.”
The Midleton conference member said that this year was the worst in living memory for the charity, with unprecedented demand being put on the service.
He said SVP were now seeing the consequences of job losses due to serious illness.
“There has been an incredible run with people, with serious illness. People who were leading normal lives, were struck down with illness and suddenly were in trouble with mortgage and rent.”
“Saint Vincent De Paul is not meant to be a substitute for social welfare”, [the charity step in until as such time they get some help from the state], commented Mr O’Shea.
To contribute financially to ensure, families who are struggling or elderly can keep warm throughout Christmas, you can donate to any SVP shop or online at www.svp.ie.