Midleton CBS Boys Primary School Mean Business

By Seamus Whelehan


Midleton CBS Boys Primary School is bringing real World math into the classroom, as the students experience what it means to be an entrepreneur.  Last month Victor Mc Caffrey Print Profile worked with the business people of the future to launch their classroom business, assisting the students in finding their Eureka moment.

Among the products being developed is a Trivia game that includes coding language used for controlling computers and other technology. While one class is in pursuit of developing a futuristic Trivia game, other students are looking to the past by creating their own Lucky Dip bags full of toys and sweets.

Grounded in the school curriculum, sixty 5th Class pupils are taking part in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme, where they are encouraged to explore the world of business and convert their ideas in commercial opportunities.    Before the Christmas break, the students demonstrated their creativity, innovation and business acumen to a panel of Dragons who had the hard task of selecting two products in which to invest.

This is the schools’ fourth year participating in the programme which, teacher Anthony Duggan says, engages children that may not be the highest of academic achievers. “The kid’s different strengths really begin to show. You have kids that may not be very academic excelling in sales, selling the product into different classes.”   “It’s a huge success every year, the kids love it and get a lot out of it socially and academically”   “They invest in the company and if it’s viable the teachers may invest also. Profits are divided amongst the students at the end of the year, with a portion going to a Charity chosen by the pupils” said Mr Duggan.