Midleton CBS Primary School Celebrates 150 Years in Existence

CBS Primary School.

The Christian Brothers began teaching in Midleton in 1867 when the then Parish Priest, responding to the requests of parishioners and his own recognition of the need for a dedicated school to educate the young men of the town, requested that the Christian Brothers establish themselves in the Parish of Midleton. Thomas Coppinger Esq. of Midleton House bequeathed a sum of £20 per annum for maintenance of the Christian Brothers in Midleton, a sum of £50 for furnishing the schools and his own private subscription of £100 towards expenses.
The first community in Midleton consisted of Brother Jerome Murphy, Director; Brothers Dominic Sinnott, Bernard Schofield, and lay brother Joseph Nolan. The original primary school, situated in the building specially built (1865-1867) for the Brothers across the road from the present campus, opened on Wednesday, 3 April 1867 with 240 boys registered. After a week the number of students had increased to 300 and rose steadily to over 400 pupils by 1 July.

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