Sixth Class students in Midleton CBS Primary School begin their presentation of their project for this year’s VEX Robotics Competition Ireland National Championships in which they won the Design Award.

The CBS Primary School, Midleton held an awards presentation for its sixth class students last Wednesday, 31 May.
Teachers, parents and fellow students filled the school hall to see the sixth class students accept their individual awards for their endeavours at VEX Robotics Competition Ireland National Championships earlier this year in which they finished fourth overall in the competition and won the Design Award.
The students introduced their project and their robot Gizmo to the audience, complete with a song and a replaying of their video presentation of their STEM (science, technology, engineer and mathematics) research project. For the video, the students recorded a scene framed as “an ordinary day in the classroom” with one of their number assuming the role of teacher (complete with fake moustache and a pot belly) which showcased their research journey while providing a healthy dose of comedy.
So complete was the students’ presentation that special guest Martin O'Flaherty, Principal Program Manager, Dell EMC Ireland and head of the Dell EMC VEX team, scrapped his prepared speech for the event as he said, the students had covered every aspect of VEX etc.
“I have never seen such a professional presentation before,” said Mr O’Flaherty. “The students spoke to every aspect of the programme. Very clear to me why they won the Design Award. There are only four or five awards given out to over 50 teams which shows just how good they were.”
Principal Mary Cunningham said of the students: “The Board of Management are delighted with them. They represented themselves and the school with dignity. They brought great honour to themselves and the school.”
After Mr O’Flaherty presented each of the sixth class students with a T-shirt commemorating the classes’ efforts, the students finished with a short speech to fifth class, who will compete at next year’s VEX competition, before presenting them with a challenge card and wishing them luck.