Midleton Charity Plea for Dog Foster Carers

Neil Fleming with Finny and Stimpy, Colin Hennessey and Sandra Walsh and Sam at Market Green Shopping Centre, Midleton on Friday last.

A Midleton based Charity is desperately looking for animal lovers who can open their home temporarily to homeless dogs.  Animal welfare group DAWG is looking for a safe home for up to 90 of their rescued dogs.

The group say loving foster homes that care for animals before they go to their forever home are a key element in their work to relocate and rehabilitate rescued pets.  Fostering allows pet lovers the flexibility to care for the animal on a short-term emergency basis.    It’s also a good way of finding out if you want to get a dog, because you may take a dog for a while and you might do it with an option of adopting later on.

Sandra Walsh of DAWG says a caring foster home frees up space for the group to rescue another animal, and allows the organisation to gain valuable insight into its temperament and disposition.  “The beauty about fostering is you get to see if the dog is good with other dogs, with cats, young children or older children. We discover some dogs may not like men or may not like women because they may be abused by them in the past.”  Speaking at the group’s annual fundraiser in Market Green last Friday Ms Walsh said “fostering is also a way for a person to have a second or third pet without the obligation of having them stay long term.”  DAWG will provide the veterinary cost, food and support. To learn more check out www.dogactionwelfaregroup.ie or call the adoption line on 083-171-4307.

Monthly costs are running at upwards of €25,000. To support the local charity, 2019 calendars are available from the Charity Shop on Main Street Midleton near Coppingers.   Charity Christmas Cards are also available in packets of 6 for €5, with a monster raffle running between now and December 27 including €2,000 in prizes.