Midleton College Celebrates it’s Past

By Claire O’Donoghue


Originally founded in 1696 by Elizabeth Villiers, Midleton College has been a school for over 300 years. The building’s archivist and school historian, Siobhán Delaney will be hosting an exhibition on all things ‘Midleton College’ on Friday, 12 April. To that end, Ms Delaney is seeking any memorabilia related to the school days past that members of the public may be willing to loan to the exhibition. All items from blazers to copy books, text books, team jerseys and photographs are promised to be returned to their owners. Anyone willing to donate items to the exhibit should email pastpupils@midletoncollege.ie

Speaking to the East Cork Journal, Ms Delaney said, “Midleton College is the oldest school in the town has operated through all the major historical events that have shaped the lives of those in the area from the World War 1 and World War 2, the War of Independence, the formation of the Irish Free State and more besides. It is woven into the fabric of local Midleton history.”

Among its rich and varied archival collection, the college has such items as minute books from daily life at the school from academic to sporting events, Board of Governors meetings minutes, old school debates and roll books as well as hundreds of photos detailing life at Midleton College over the last century. One of the oldest photos in the collection dates from 1893. Samples of these items will also be included in the exhibition which is all part of the Midleton Lifelong Learning Festival. The exhibition is free and all are welcome.

In a similar vein, the Past Pupils Association is offering students from years 1979, 1989, 1999 and 2009 a chance to meet up and reminisce on a school reunion which has been scheduled for 19 October. Anyone from those years who want to express their interest in attending or helping organise the event are asked to contact the association on the above email address.