Midleton Family Resource Centre Holding Saturday Club for Kids with ASD

By Alan Sheehan


Midleton Family Resource Centre will run a Saturday Club programme for children from 24 June as part of its Bloom Network, with an information night on the club set for Thursday, 22 June.
The Saturday Club will run from 11.30am-12.30pm each Saturday for six weeks at the Midleton Family Resource Centre in Beechwood, and is suitable for children on the autism spectrum who enjoy reading, playing board games or with Lego and making art. While the Saturday Club aims to give children the opportunity to meet new friends and have fun in a non-competitive, non-judgemental safe place, their parents are invited to stay at the Centre and network with one another.
“The kids can play with board games and Lego and there will be a reading club as well,” said Sean Ahern, Coordinator at Midleton Family Resource Centre. “There parents will be with them too. The Saturday Club follows a two-pronged approach. We have a big room here for the children to play, but we are also aware of parents’ need to meet up, offer and accept peer support and share information.”
Midleton FRC is hosting a short information evening on the Saturday Club next Thursday, 22 June at 6.30pm where parents can get to know each other and brainstorm ideas for the club. Later the same night, at 7.30pm, Evaleen Whelton from Konfident Kidz will hold a talk on social skills.
“By involving both parents and children in the Saturday club,” said Fiona Sandes of the Bloom Network, “we’re hoping to develop opportunities for networking and fun. All kids are welcome – no matter how they have fun. It’s all parents involved so there will be no judgement, just a safe, friendly atmosphere.”
This initiative is spawned from the Bloom Network, a group set up a year ago which looks to support families of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).
The Saturday Club has gained momentum since it was announced and pre-booking a place is essential. For more information or to sign-up contact Mr Sean Ahern at coordinator@midletonfrc.com.