Midleton Ready for Halloween Drum Circle at Kindred Spirits Sculpture

By Alan Sheehan


Midleton is set for a repeat of the highly popular drum circle event at Kindred Spirits monument to take place this Halloween weekend on Sunday, 29 October.
The drum circle at the monument to the Choctaw Nation in Bailick Park, Midleton will be the third of three drum-centric events on the same day, with the first two hosted at Midleton community centre (formally the Midleton Gaelscoil). All events are free due to funding from Creative Ireland.
The first event held at the community centre will be a drum making workshop which will run from 10am-12.30pm. Participants will learn how to make drums and percussion instruments from a variety of recyclable and junk materials such as plastic bottles, tin cans, plastic and cardboard tubes, sticks, lids, buttons and more.
The second event will be a rhythm workshop running from 12.30-2.30pm, which will teach participants how to play the drums they made or brought along.
“Musician and composer Fergal O’Connor will be leading the rhythm workshop,” said Belinda Walsh, one of the organisers of these events. “He is a very experienced workshop facilitator with a relaxed teaching style, and he will make drumming very accessible. We have gathered plenty of recyclable material for construction workshop beforehand, too. But people can always bring their own percussive instrument; anybody bring a bucket and drum along for the event. We want to make it clear the events are accessible for everybody.”
The main event, the drum circle at the Kindred Spirits monument at Bailick Park, will be held at 3pm.
“We will be giving away a free ticket for next year’s Arts Festival,” said Ms Walsh, “for the best picture or video uploaded to the Midleton Arts Festival Facebook page. We will be holding a few ticketed events next year, and whoever takes the best picture or films the best video will win a ticket for the event of their choosing at next year’s festival.”
The idea for the day’s events originate from the drum circle event, Awaken Kindred Spirits Drum Ceremony, which closed out the Midleton Arts Festival in May of this year. Taking place at Alex Pentek’s monument to the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, both the drum circle and the sculpture it took place at recognised the kindness of the Choctaw Nation which donated of $170 (approximately $4,400 today) to the Irish people made in 1847 in response to the Irish Famine.
“We are hoping this will be great,” said Ms Walsh. “We’re hoping the weather forecast will be good. We will see on the day and if it is raining we will have the drum circle at the community centre, if needs be. Hopefully we will get the crowds at it.”