Midleton Residents Celebrate The French Connection

By Seamus Whelehan


A packed schedule and many excursions awaited 22 delegates from Midleton who travelled to Mignaloux-Beauvoir France recently.
This is the groups 19th year travelling to the central French region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and saw residents from Midleton experience French Cuisine.
Midleton Twinning committee PRO, Kathleen Woulfe said the group were treated as VIPs throughout their week-long stay.
“We arrived at Bordeaux airport on Saturday 19th August and left the following Saturday 26 August and were taken on visits every day.”
With something on every day, one evening there was a civic banquet at the town hall.
The guests visited many areas from Mignaloux Botanical Park to a guided tour of the Musee des Arts du Cognac.
The visit culminated in a farewell meal at the restaurant Les Archives in nearby Poitiers.
While warm hugs fond farewells and kisses on both cheeks was the order of the day on Saturday 26 August, Midleton are already looking forward to staging a return visit for its hosts in 2019 to mark the 21 year anniversary of their twinning.
Established in 1998 with Kathleen Woulfe Chairwoman, Patricia Lyons Secretary and Betty Purcell Treasurer, Midleton’s link with the French town has brought many visits to both areas full of laughter and great economic benefit.
Amid the Tour De France visit to Ireland in 1998 the Town of Midleton signed a twinning arrangement where a tree was planted making the occasion in the grounds of Midleton hospital.
The following year delegates from Midleton travelled to France to sign a similar agreement there.
Twinning founder member Kathleen Woulfe said “our next big plan is to create great fanfare for the 21 anniversary in 2019. We have to make that a very big occasion.”