The 23rd Midleton Scouts will hold a table quiz fundraiser this coming Monday, 18 September in aid of the group’s Disability Access Project.
The table quiz fundraiser will be hosted by Wallis’ Bar, Midleton and will begin at 8pm. The price of a team of three is €30, which will go towards renovating the scout hall in Midleton to make it disability accessible.
“We are trying to raise money to provide a disabled accessible entrance to the hall and a disabled accessible bathroom inside,” said Brian O’Shea, Local Group Leader of 23rd Midleton Scouts. “The total project will cost the bones of €20,000. Because structural work is involved, we must bring in contractors. The parents and leaders can’t do that kind of work. The work involves building a new porch area to allow for access, and placing a new door which means removing the doorway and wall.”
The main entrance to the scout hall can only be accessed by climbing up steps and opens onto the main road, making it unsuitable for children or those with disabilities.
“The steps up to the front door mean that it is inaccessible for anyone with disabilities,” said Mr O’Shea. “And it is only at most four feet from the main road, so you would have kids exiting right into traffic. For both reasons the front door doesn’t meet fire regulations. We use the doors at the side of the hall for an entrance/exit, but that also means that we effectively don’t have a fire escape.”
The overall project to renovate the scout hall saw four major works carried out thus far, including the renovation of the floor, the roof, the overhauling of the kitchen, and the construction of a space for the disabled bathroom. All works, which included demolition, carpentry, plumbing, roofing, painting and clearing, were carried out by parents, scouts and the leaders. The scouts’ only expenditure was on materials and the electrical work, and two of the group’s leaders previously had to take out personal loans to cover emergency works.
“The project to renovate the hall as a whole is going very well,” said Mr O’Shea. “Last year was a good year for getting work done. We have some money in available funds in our bank account, which is an improvement on last year when we were in the red. This year we can focus on providing disability access and a disability bathroom while increasing the fire regulations compliance. We have full planning permission for all this work.”
The table quiz continues the trend of the 23rd Midleton Scouts themselves undertaking as much of the necessary works as possible.
“The table quiz was organised by the 16 to 19 year old scouts,” said Mr O’Shea, “with leader supervision. But they are doing all the leg work, the posters, everything. They have worked hard and will learn how to organise events like this for the future. So we are anxious to make it a success and show them their efforts do work.”