Tina O'Driscoll and Ceara McGrann present cheque to Claire O'Neill, raised at the successful Midleton Spinathon

Following on from the recent success of the Spinathon for Cork ARC Cancer Support House in Youghal which was held in Midleton on Saturday, 22nd July, a cheque in the fantastic amount of €2,361.60 was presented by Caira McGrann and Tina O'Driscoll to Claire O'Neill in Youghal. Claire thanked the organisers and all who participated in the event "which", she said, "was wonderfully supported by people from all over the area".

They were joined for the cheque presentation by organisers of the fun dog walk, BarkforArc, which will be held in Youghal on August 27th. The walk will commence at 2pm from Greenpark and, if you don't have a dog, then you will be very welcome to come along and walk with them.

The organisers hope all will enjoy the walk and gave the following guidelines to The East Cork Journal.
-All dogs to be on a secure lead.
-All dog handles are to be of age to manage their own dog.
-Please pooper scoop after your own dog. If you see someone’s dog going to the toilet and their owner hasn’t seen, speak up and let them know, don’t be shy you’d want to know.
-Be respectful of other members of the public. Please ensure that dogs are under control around other walkers. Your dog may not jump on them but a dog running at speed can frighten, especially children.
-Please deal with all the dogs in a way you would your own. This means if someone else’s dog is misbehaving towards yours you can correct it appropriately as you would have done had it been you own dog misbehaving.
- Do not be afraid to discuss with owners if their dog is causing issues with your own. I’m sure you would want someone to tell you if it were the other way round.
-If your dog is getting too excited and possibly causing distress to other dogs please move to the back of the group and walk with our stewards.
-Be aware that your own behaviour may affect the other dogs. If you are shouting or walking around tense chasing your dog, it may frighten some of the quieter dogs or over-excite the more exuberant. Please be calm, relaxed but assertive and in control at all times.
-Please keep children close to you, don’t let them run or scream, and make sure that they ask before they touch any of the dogs.

Looking forward to seeing you all for the BarkforARC fun walk in Youghal on 27th.