Midleton Toastmasters – Learn to present and persuade on purpose


In this age where we are bombarded with so much information and where it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd, it’s oftentimes our communication and presentation skills which make that difference.
Midleton Toastmasters is delighted to host Eric Fitzpatrick one of Ireland’s leading Sales Presentation trainers (www.arkspeakingandtraining.com), who will be giving a workshop on Wednesday 24th January at 8pm in the Midleton Park Hotel. His workshop will focus on how to deliver powerful and effective presentations. Eric is an award-winning speaker and has spoken at international conferences and contributed to radio programmes and magazines on this subject. He has developed a system for successful presentations summed up in the acronym ‘TRUE’; the presentation should make your audience THINK, should be easy to REMEMBER and UNDERSTAND and should ENGAGE the audience. He recently published a book “Persuade on Purpose” with further insights into the do’s and don’ts of good presentations, and will be sharing his expertise with us on the night.
As we start a new year take this unique opportunity to attend Eric’s workshop. It could be the best €10 you spend this month, especially as nowadays so many workplaces, recruiters and courses require us to give oral presentations not to mention the other innumerable times one may be asked to speak in public. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 24th at 8pm until 10pm in the Midleton Park Hotel, Jameson Suite for both an educational and entertaining evening.