Midleton Tourist Office has called for better signage after hundreds of visitors have paid to park when they didn’t have to.
Tourists are regularly falling foul of misplaced signage at the public car park off Distillery Lane, mistaking the public convenience as a parking metre.
Tony Harpur from Midleton Tourist Office, says visitors are continually left with flushed faces when they realise their error, while the Local Authority receive an unexpected windfall.
Signs for the multi-storey car park are leading out of town motorists to believe the entire parking area is pay per hour.
Adding insult to injury, the mobile pit stop hasn’t worked for some time, with up to 2 visitors a week contacting the Tourist Office at the entrance to the Jameson Experience, questioning where they can get a parking ticket.
The Tourism Ambassador said clearer signage is needed to prevent others being hit in the pocket.
"Perhaps they are not looking at the signs. There may be too many on the way in, when all the visitors want is the sign for Jameson Experience. The Free Parking signs should be more clearly visible at car parks and in town" said Mr Harpur.
Cork County Council say they are aware of some incidents where visitors have looked for parking tickets, but are amazed when there is free parking.
East Cork Municipal Executive Clerk Joe McCarty said “there are signs coming into the town saying there is free parking in the town centre.” “What else can we do” the senior official questioned? Do we have to put free parking on every parking sign?”
Regarding the toilet facility off Distillery Lane he said he would expect it to be working shortly, as the private operator inspects the units in East Cork regularly as part of their contract.