Alicia Kelly, Carol Murray (Organiser, holding blue baloons, the colour for Cervical Cancer) and Danielle Twomey.

On Friday, 22 June at 7pm, Carol Murray headed a peaceful protest outside Midleton's Courthouse. Another protest is organised for tomorrow, Friday 29 June at 7pm. The protests are against the recent Cervical Check scandals, one of which has affected Carol personally. Six years ago she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cervical Cancer. Now in remission, Carol feels extremely lucky to have come through the worst. However, on May 10 this year, she was notified that there was a mistake in her 2010 smear, and a letter which should have been in her file in 2016 was mislaid, as well as later clerical errors by both her previous GP and gynaecologist which resulted in delays to be seen for an appointment. Four mistakes in all, when any one of them could have been disastrous for her and her family.
Carol, and everyone involved with Standing 4 Women and all women around the country, are still waiting for, and demanding answers. Carol has said she believes there are things about her own medical case which are still being kept from her. She wants full disclosure of the facts, transparency and, above all, for this outrage never to happen again. Why does it always seems to take some disaster, some death, some tragedy for discrepancies, errors and at times, downright negligence and corner-cutting in the system to be discovered? Then, it's another long wait for any proper information to be accessible and longer still for anything to actually be done to correct it. Silence in the face of this, and other recent scandals, is not the way. Standing 4 Women believes in giving women one loud voice, raised in unison, that will carry all the way to the steps of the Dáil, the corridors of the HSE and the hearts of those with the ability to make changes.
Speaking with The East Cork Journal, Carol said, “I would encourage as many of you as possible to come along on Friday and let the ‘powers that be’ know that it’s us, the people, that they are representing. The people are the power. They are meant to be speaking for us, asking questions for us and more importantly, getting answers for us. The point I want to make is that women are the future of Ireland. For that future to be assured, as well as changes in the policies of secrets and lies, shame and silence, women have to look after themselves. Know your body. If you feel something isn’t right, get it checked out. Get second and third opinions if necessary. The days and decades of women keeping silent are over.”
Standing 4 Women have planned a National protest outside Courthouses across the country for the 7 July at 2pm.