Money Spent In Midleton But The Bridesmaid Gets Overlooked

By Seamus Whelehan


A deputation of the 180 residents in Elsinore Heights and Rise has called on Cork County Council for the restoration of broken down footpaths in their area.

It’s not the first time the residents have come before the Local Authority requesting assistance in improving the quality of life for those living in both estates, 50% of whom are elderly.

The fed up home owners told the February sitting of the East Cork Municipal District on Monday, (3 February) that, in over 50 years, the estates have received little attention from Cork County Council.

The overall length of paths is 1.9km in excess of 1 mile.

Margaret Phelan, who led the deputation, said pathways in the area “are in need of repair or possibly full restoration at this stage.”

“Even though some of the paths have been partly restored or repaired in a few areas over the years, the majority of the paths are either cracked, have gaping holes or serious trip hazards, where sections have collapsed” said Mrs Phelan.

In Elsinore Rise in 2011 a trial tarmacadam footpath surface was laid as an experiment, which has now cracked in front of every house.

The front row houses that see a lot of footfall to the Educate Together Primary School have very poor footpaths, leading to concern for the health and safety of the pupils.

Tom Cotter,  Residents Committee Member told Cllrs that children’s lives are also at risk with motorists parking on the green areas on the estates.

Mr Cotter said that, while parking is not a matter for Council, the residents committee would like help in erecting signage prohibiting the practice.

The Residents Association said they would also like to see outdoor staff clear fallen leaves which are a serious trip hazard.

They said they have already paid out €200 clearing fallen leaves off the roadways on the estates.

Serious concerns were also raised regarding the trees that have grown to a “great height.”

In 2015 some of the home owners on the estates paid €4,000 to have the trees cut back, but say they cannot afford to continue without financial help from the Council.

Council Area Engineer is to report back to Council next month on the concerns of the residents.