New Charity Shop Opens in Youghal


Pauline Doyle has been rescuing animals for many years, and has just opened a Charity Shop at 67, North Main Street in Youghal.   She needs your help in order to save others.

Pauline and her helpers at the Rosog Equine and Dashing Hounds Rescue, rehome mainly wire haired Dachshunds in both Ireland and the UK. She also has 9 rescue horses on her land in the Knockmealdowns, in search of homes. “To date”, said Pauline, “We have rehomed 88 Dachshunds over the last 5 years. The breed went through a tough time and this year alone we have taken in 25. We have also rehomed other breeds. We try to keep our operation small so that we have both the time and finances to do our best for each animal’s individual needs.” Puppies need socialisation, training, older dogs may need extra care. There are times when Pauline must pass dogs on to other Rescue Charities that are equipped to deal, for example, with any special needs of certain breeds. She believes that, in order for the successful rescue and appropriate rehoming of animals, Rescue Centres must work together and help each other out. An example of this is the Daisychain Animal Foodbank which Pauline says has been invaluable to her.  She, in turn, donates any extra dog coats and toys to them. She includes the general public in this circle of help.

It is best reflected in the way their adoption works. To adopt a dog, you pay your fee directly to the vet. The amount is the same for each dog and is intended to cover all vaccinations, neutering, micro-chipping and a pre-adoption check-up. If the dog you are taking has had any, or all, of these treatments already done, the spare money stays in the shelter’s veterinary account to cover costs such as food, emergency and critical veterinary care of other dogs at the Shelter. A simple, yet highly effective idea. Plans are also in motion for a Garden of Remembrance to be set up near the rescue base in the Knockmealdowns in the not too distant future. We will be talking to Pauline more about that in the New Year.

The Rosog Equine and Dashing Hounds Rescue Charity Shop will be open from Monday to Saturday 10am -5pm in the New Year, but will be open this weekend also. Donations of good quality clothing, unusual objet d’art and bric-a-brac would be most gratefully received. The Centre can also be reached on 089 247 6993 or on their Facebook page.