New Heritage Board on Display in Ladysbridge

By Claire O’Donoghue


A new Heritage Board has been erected in the car park by the Church on the Ballymacoda Road in Ladysbridge. Speaking with The East Cork Journal, Mary Colbert of the Ladysbridge Tidy Towns Committee said, “We’ve been gathering information and photographs, researching and fact-checking, for the past two years in order to have all the correct information about the locality for the Heritage Board project. We also spent many an hour chatting with older residents and hearing their memories of growing up in and around the village. We’re delighted to finally have the Board up for all to peruse at their leisure and enjoy.”

The surround for the board is made of 100% recycled plastic. While this option is slightly more expensive, it is much more durable than other substances, as well as needing very little maintenance and, of course, being environmentally friendly.

To compile all the information received into a comprehensible read, project members recruited Jonathan Millar of Kilcredan whose talent for illustration and storytelling brought it all to life in the Board design. The Board features many historical photographs of the area and of characters from a bygone era. There is also a map of the village and surrounding environs. Historical and cultural sites of interest are marked on the map, with tales and facts about each place included underneath.